Hisami Taniguchi : Mixed Media Artist

Hisami Taniguchi was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. She earned B.A degree in Department of Fine Art and was qualified to be a museum curator from Kyoto Seika University. After graduated the University, She stayed in New York such as a mixed media artist. she didn’t only participate several group exhibitions but also awarded by “NY Audience-Award” from ISE Cultural Foundation and “The 16th Anniversary from Grand Harvest Emerging Artists Award” from WAH Center. Moreover, She had the first solo exhibition “In/Out” in the RESO BOX Gallery in NY. She has been running unisex tops brand “Read Thread” after came back to Kyoto, and had a pop up store in Hedgehog Books & Gallery, VOU KYOTO, Hankyu Umeda Main Store, and so on.


京都生まれ。京都精華大学の立体造形を卒業後、ニューヨークを拠点に作家活動を開始。「日米美術学生展 in NY 2010」で「ニューヨーク市民賞」、WAH Centerで「The 16th Anniversary from Grand Harvest Emerging Artists Award」を受賞。2013年にはRESO BOX Galleryで初個展を開催する。

2015年より拠点を京都に移し「Read Thread」を立ち上げ、Hedgehog Books & Gallery、VOU Kyoto、阪急うめだ本店等でpop up shopを展開している。




      T-shirts as my central media are to relate my artwork with casualness, yet my motivation for visual expression still comes from a traditional style of making art. I treat the surface of T-shirt as a traditional surface, as though I’m working on a painting or sculpture. This action embodies my intention to cut off the lordliness of high art, which tends to keep people who are inexperienced in the art world away from this T-shirts. I utilize this openness to proclaim my philosophy the art should be an available medium for anybody’s self-expression or self-betterment. Bridging the distance between high art and popular art in this way also implicates art with the contemporary fashion industry. The mechanical process of mass-production involved in this industry tends to emphasize business profit and trends that sidestep originality and craftsmanship. Therefore, my goal for this works is to reveal the value system hidden in the consumption culture by using the surface of each T-shirt as a mirror.


  ブランド名の「Read Thread」には、糸を読むように丁寧に縫い、線の動き・色を選出しながら一点一点制作している作家の思いが込められています。彫刻制作のように削りや構築を意識しながら全体像を見立て、ドローイングしているような縫い線の勢いに包まれた洋服です。